jpkghonoRF6Ts8ZwIJYnoARecently, myself and many of my coworkers received a touching gift for our involvement in the Humboldt tragedy.  It was a really nice gesture from thousands of strangers to put together something this meaningful and gift it to so many people.  I believe other First Responders, hospital staff, families, and community members (literally anyone involved!) received quilts made from the worldwide quilting community.  The Haus Of Stitches in Humboldt collected 2000+ quilts from around the world and worked hard to finish and distribute them to people like me.  Link to their website & newsletter here.  Read that again….over 2000 quilts!  The quilting community is apparently HUGE and very generous!

The quilt I received was made in Ontario and came with a mailing address.  I happily printed a photo of myself with my quilt and sent them a note telling them how much the quilt they made meant to me…and how much this project meant to my coworkers and I.  I received a nice note in return about how they became involved.

After I received my quilt, I also found out that some women I know personally made quilts for this project as well.  I tried to let them know how important this was and how thankful the recipients of their quilts would’ve been.

The outpouring of support like this and many other things I witnessed after April 6 has been phenomenal.  From random acts of kindness around here the entire weekend after the accident, to public acknowledgement of any and all First Responders, to the outpouring of support for the families affected, and much more…has shown me that there really is good in this world!


Author: thehealthylifesaver

I have been a paramedic for 17 years and over the years I have seen unhealthy lifestyle habits and many injuries to coworkers and friends. I have a passion for the health, wellness, and career longevity of Paramedics and decided to start a blog to promote these qualities. I hope to start a change in our physically and mentally demanding profession of paramedicine towards taking better care of ourselves.

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